Saturday, August 18, 2007

Têtes_à_Claques Videos in France!

Michel Beaudet, ''You're the Man! The Man is in the House. It's totally insane''!

C'est un fait accompli. L'animation des Têtes à Claques est présentement transporté en France. (Yes, yes, a bit of French for the French visitors, c'est vraiment sharp!)

Smart Move
Just in time for the celebration of the first anniversary of Têtes à Claques, Michel Beaudet has successfully exported his animations to France. It is the result of partnerships with SFR and Dailymotion, a social video site based out of Paris that offers a mix of both amateur and professional content.

To view the funny site:

''SFR Unlimited Text Messaging Young Generation...Attention ça va Watcher''
That is the new slogan used to promote SFR, French mobile phone company (originally Société Française de Radiotéléphonie) national leader in telecommunications, with 18 million client connections across France. It offers a long-range of portable devices used for mobile communication including telephone services, wireless communications, text messaging, etc. SFR is for France what Sympatico/ portal is to Canadians.

SFR is promoting its tetesaclaques mobile products with a contest to win a Trip to Canada for two or to win T-Shirts starting August 25, 2007.

Imagine that? A guide has been created as an interpretation tool to help better understand the language used in the tetesaclaques videos. The Glossary contains French Quebec terminology vs France terminology... sort of a French-English dictionnary but it is a French-French dictionnary!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Safarir has seen an increase in the sales of their French Canadian comic magazine after publishing 2 issues with Têtes à claques cartoons on its cover.

Back from holidays!

Têtesà just released a new video featuring a guy in the drive-thru. After taking a short break for Summer fun (short for some but rather long for others!) the site is celebrating its 12-month existance in August and the creator, Michel Beaudet, has alot to celebrate about. The risk-taker has seen his financial security growing, growing and still growing! Vacations are usually out of the question for new entrepreneurs. $12 million is good enough though to go out and play and be brave enough to inspire visitors to do the same by promoting to get out and get some fresh air directly on the first page of the site (don't know... throw the baseball or swim in the pool).


After making national headlines with its marketing success comes along talented cartoonists awaiting for an opportunity to draw. Well, here are some great cartoons going around.

Thanks to Ygreck man (Yannick Lemay) who granted me permission to publish his Têtes à claques cartoons. He is a very notable cartoonist who produces comic books, editorial cartoons containing canadian political and news cartoons. Some of his drawings can be seen in the Journal du Québec. He also works in courtrooms sketching the faces of defendants, lawyers, and witnesses.

These images are copyrighted by and are for viewing only. Not to be reproduced in any form without permission.

Remember? Fall comes after Summer....... New English Site for Tetesaclaques!