Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Refreshing pops and Têtes à


Monique, Raoul and the Captain of DC-132 are very excited to have their face put on soda pop bottles!

Fresh and Fun!

Couche-Tard, one of Canada's largest convenient store chains, Lassonde Inc, packagers of Oasis, Rougement and Everfresh, and Têtes à Claques partnered up for the production of Fruite-Bulles, fruit-flavoured drinks. The drinks are sold as of today in Couche-Tard corner stores and come in three flavours: orange, cream soda, and grape. It is the second business agreement with the company Lassonde from Québec (the 1st was a Fruité juice placed in one of the Tetesaclaques clips). The sequence of events was only logical to have the flight captain on the grape bottle since the popular clip included an incident with a grape juice from Lassonde. "There is no atomic bomb in the canisse".

Limited stock and edition:
Only available during the Summer 2007 - Total production of 600 000 bottles!

Business is booming indeed!

Kellogg has seen an increase in the sell of Pop-Tarts with the Halloween clip and will have a contest in June on the web site. The winner will receive a one-year supply.

How about T-SHIRTS? Zellers will have them in July!

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!

WOO! Very exciting news indeed!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

This Year's Olivier Winner is not Michel Beaudet

This is what I had planned to post.


Perhaps next year since the award was presented to les Grandes gueules. They were particularly distinguished with the official Olivier.
Mario Tessier and Gaudet obtained the Olivier of the year for their exceptional contribution to the Québécois humour. They also gained an award for this year's humour album of the year. They recently put an end to their 15 year daily radio show.

Michel Beaudet arriving at the Gala today, May 27, 2007 and Têtes à Claques' latest crue!

Also view his interview.

What a sport, Michel Beaudet presented an award with the help of Uncle Tom's Doodely Polisher. A feather duster to polish the statuette. Once scrubed, the Olivier award transforms into an Oscar! Wow! Amazing! Does it work in reverse also?

You may view Michel's interview (in French) right here.

Once again congratulations for being nominated. Better luck next year!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tetes a claques Nominated for an Award!

© Pierre-Paul Poulin - Journal de Montréal
Michel Beaudet

And the Winner is...


Everyone has Pop-tarts, one has the Body Toner Special Edition, one will have the Willy Waller, and one will have the LCD shovel, but who will have this year's Olivier?

Michel Beaudet, creator of is nominated for The Olivier of the Year!
The 9th edition of the Olivier Gala will be presented Sunday May 27, 2007. The evening will be animated by Martin Petit. The statuettes with the effigy of large comic Olivier Guimond will come to crown the efforts made by 15 humorists or group of humorists that made us laugh from January 1st to December 31, 2006. The award ceremony, viewed last year by millions, will be televised directly from Radio-Canada, studio 42, on Sunday, May 27, 7:30 p.m. Many Quebec artists are nominated in various categories such as best comic, best show, best writing and directing, etc. However, Michel Beaudet is competing with 9 other artists for the big title; the crème de la crème of up-and-coming French Canadian talent for most promising creative, clever, and very funny artist.
The Olivier is granted by the "Association des professionnels de l'industrie de l'humour (APIH), which translates to Association of Humor Professionals, a professional honorary organization, which recognizes excellence in many aspects of Quebec's humor industry. Finalists for the Olivier of the Year are chosen by a jury but it is the public that will determine the winner by voting during the gala either by phone or by Internet:

Created 9 months ago with 3 million unique visitors a month, Têtes à is the most popular French Internet site visited in Canada. It is the 1st web site that has ever been nominated. Humor is now everywhere, TV, Radio, Theater, Internet sites!

"I have created a monster that has become bigger than me", said Michel Beaudet to the Journal de Montréal.

Martin Petit© Photo Journal de Québec. Olivier Guimond olivr Olivier Guimond, famous Quebec Comedian (1914 - 1971)



Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hey mon ami!
View actual eBay bid information for Uncle Tom's Body Toner Special Edition! It’s Crazy! You want to change your body image! Are you on a diet ? HERE IS A DIET PLAN JUST FOR YOU! Lose lbs* • Feel More Attractive • Get More Energy • Get the Expert Tips on how to use the FLY SWATTER! This will definitely be in the Guiness World Records! We have the right plan for you. It's only 25,000$ maybe more. Only 4 days left to submit a bid!

To view the Body Toner Special Edition clip:

Isn't it amazing ? You think it will be a world record?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Têtes à claques & Ebay

When I first published this post the text would disappear and start flashing. Blogger has resolved the problem. Sorry for posting 3x! Hope you enjoy the up to date information provided here for all the fans around the world!

This is the chance of a life time to own an authenticated piece of Têtes à claques' gadgets and to be the only one in the world to have it!
Who wants to win the auction this time? I do! I do!

Uncle Tom has decided to put up for sale on E-Bay his famous gadgets advertised in a serie of clips that made tetesaclaques famous. Why? To raise funds for the Saint-Justine's Children Hospital Foundation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. All the proceed from the sale will be donated to the hospital.

Don't miss the rendez-vous for the first of three bids. The first one will be the body Toner Platinum Edition! From May 14 to May 24, 2007.

Click on any banners above to go directly to ebay Têtes à Claques. is for sale. I personally own the domain name
Anyone interested in buying the domain name should write an e-mail to Beverlyhills at Half the proceed will be donated to CHEO, The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Serious inquiries only.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Click Master? Interview with Reader's Digest

Thanks to Webmomma for the great snap
shot of the back cover of this month's issue
of the Sélection du Reader's Digest. May 2007.
Original photo by: Stéphane Najman.

I was very excited when I noticed the back cover of the Sélection du Reader's Digest yesterday at Loblaws...

Interview with Têtes à Claques!
Michel Beaudet with the recognisable fake, grotesque teeth, which he puts in while his face is being filmed. So many offers "even dentists have proposed dentures for my clay characters".

''Everyone knew that Internet would eventually surpass television, however, that was only an hypothesis; there was no precedent. Today, it is proven; Têtes à claques has the largest audience ratings in French in Canada.

"We have over 3,000,000 unic visitors per month, which means 3 million people visit the site at least once a month. It is more than any tv show''.

The above picture first published on this blog!

Picture p. 83 Têtes à clics.

Sélection du Reader's Digest. May 2007.

Full French interview available on Sélection du Reader's Digest web site.

What do you think, great picture or what?

Têtesàclaques vs Quebec Pluriel

Francophone press is now reporting that Quebec Pluriel will bring the matter to Human Rights Commission since Salambo refused to remove the cannibal clip from the web site and apologize.

Têtes à claques' intention is clearly visible on their web site:
"To all our Fans:
Rest assure. We have no intention in removing the "cannibale" clip. Thank you for the thousands e-mails of support and words of encouragement. Prosperous life to all who love to laugh!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Michel Beaudet in a boiling pot?

Here is Michel Beaudet's reaction to the demand letter* received on April 18, 2007, from Quebec Pluriel demanding to pull the short animated clip "cannibal" off the web.

Michel Beaudet, responded yesterday over the controversy that the clip “is insulting, degrading and inadmissible” during an interview with Le Journal de Montreal. “It is ridiculous and sad”.

For Quebec Pluriel, the insult comes from the association between the "cannibal" in the name of Kunta Kinté.

Reached yesterday, he defended there was no intention to cause harm to anyone. “It is absurd!”. He confirmes receiving the demand letter from Quebec Pluriel on April 18, but quickly admits to have put it aside.

"Paranoiac Vision"
“It is a paranoid vision of a small group of people which does not represent the majority”, Michel Beaudet adds, who acknowledges to have used the name Kunta Kinté without putting any thought in it. “Kunta Kinté, was the hero of Roots, a series which I listened to when I was seven or eight years old”.

The people in charge of the movement, which counts only 30 members, discuss the possibility of addressing the matter to the courts to claim moral and punitive damage.

*A demand letter is a formal notice demanding that the addressee perform a legal obligation, such as rectifying a problem, paying a sum of money or honouring a contractual commitment, on specific terms and within a specified time. The letter gives the recipient a chance to perform the obligation without being taken to court.