Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vertigo Pops NOW available in Canada!

I had my first Vertigo Pop! It's a hit. Mmmmmm! I spotted them in a coffee shop in Hull (Gatineau, Quebec). I begged the owner to sell me the whole box containing 25 candy pops. All 3 flavors are Delicious and Sweet.

The lollipops are a nice size - not too big, not too small. They are a combination of two sided candies: one side is a rich chocolate and the other side is a swirled hard candy. They come on a brown plastic stick that matches the color of the chocolate so well that I thought the stick was edible, too.

Everyone that I showed the candies to immediately recognized Tetesaclaques and brought a smile to their face!

I definitely recommend these to everyone.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Press the above banner to view all 3 new ENGLISH clips!


Finally tetesaclaques in ENGLISH!!!! Tetesaclaques appears for the first time in American TV commercials
and are not selling WILLY WALLERs, LCD Shovels or Bell phones, but many Candy & Chocolate Flavored Pops.

View Tetesaclaques' Sandy and Jessica, The Astronaut, and the Cavemen, 3 new 15 seconds clips right here on

Yes, yes, yes in English! It is HILARIOUS!


Way to go!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Who are they?

From the left: Michel Beaudet the creator, Hugo Carron the art director, and Simon Parizeau the film editor. The popular site is based in Boucherville, a suburb of Montréal in the Province of Quebec, Canada, on the South shore of the Saint-Lawrence river with a population of 35,000.

Michel Beaudet studied at the University of Montreal where he made his start in the world of advertizing with the agency PNMD-Publitel.

In 2000 Michel Beaudet created a publicity for Bell Express Vu.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ring my BELL with

Congratulations to Têtes à Claques for taking it to a new level! Their clips are now available through Mobility, ExpressVu and Sympatico/MSN services from *Bell Canada.

No matter where you are have access to previews of new Têtes à Claques clips 7 days before they are broadcast on the site.

Some of the features are:
  1. Clips on TV (Channels 161 to 177 Bell Express View) Download a movie and get a free clip.
  2. Ringtones You know who is calling just by the ring.
  3. Voicetones Let Johny Boy tell you when your phone is ringing.
  4. Caller Ring Tunes Your callers listen to a tune when they call.
  5. Video Ringtones Listen and watch a video when someone calls.
  6. Screensavers Personalize your cell phone screen.

Têtes à Claques is also available on the portal, Canada's most popular Web site with 20 million unique visitors per month. Clips can be viewed at:

* Bell Canada is Canada's national leader in telecommunications, with 28 million client connections across the country including telephone services, wireless communications, high-speed Internet, digital television and voice over IP.