Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Vertigo Candies TV Commercials

View the 3 new 15 seconds English Vertigo clips... The Wood Peckers vs. The Croc, The Family Feud, and Los Tres Hombres Con Sombreros clips right here on

Têtes à Claques animation appears for the 2nd time in American and Canadian TV commercials and are selling once again Half Crazy Half Chocolate Vertigo Pops.

The first 3 clips were aired back in March 2007 with the intention of releasing 3 more. Well, here they are. These clips have also recently aired on YTV. Vertigo updated their site today with these 3 new clips which will be aired on Jungle Channel, Fiesta Channel, and Dysfunction TV.

Once again it's HILARIOUS!

It's totally insane!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boutique Têtes à Claques on-line store

Girls and Guys check it out! New on-line store directly on Têtes à claques website. Go shopping online.

New funny T-shirts available for the whole family. The online catalog carries funny and hard to find Têtes à claques Tees that are not sold in stores such as Zellers, Aubainerie, etc.

The shop offers a limited variety of choice in comparison to what can be found in stores. No doubt though that it will expand to more than Tees!

Visit the Boutique here.

Need help deciding which one to buy?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

SFR Marketing and Têtes à claques Animation

"On les a entendus à la radio et vus dans les salles de cinéma. Ils s'affichent désormais en format géant sur les panneaux publicitaires, les abribus, les autobus, sur les portes automatiques à la sortie du métro, sur des cartes postales et même en terrasse sur les tables des bistrots parisiens."

We hear it everyday that France is being bombarded with various marketing tools used by SFR to promote its new site çavaouatcher. Têtes à claques animation is quite visible everywhere. After quite an extensive search on the net, here are a few pictures found in France's bus shelters, bistrots*, and the métro (subway). SFR is also using streetmarketing to promote its wireless company.

Large billboards in the halls and exits of the métro.

* A Bistrot (which apparently means "quick" in Russian) is the French equivalent to the English pub or the American diner.

Thanks to for some of these pictures.

You are invited to share your pictures of Têtes à claques paraphenalia on this blog. Please send your photos to

Stay tuned for the next post: Têtes à claques automobile, the car that is going around Gatineau, Quebec.