Saturday, September 15, 2007

SFR Marketing and Têtes à claques Animation

"On les a entendus à la radio et vus dans les salles de cinéma. Ils s'affichent désormais en format géant sur les panneaux publicitaires, les abribus, les autobus, sur les portes automatiques à la sortie du métro, sur des cartes postales et même en terrasse sur les tables des bistrots parisiens."

We hear it everyday that France is being bombarded with various marketing tools used by SFR to promote its new site çavaouatcher. Têtes à claques animation is quite visible everywhere. After quite an extensive search on the net, here are a few pictures found in France's bus shelters, bistrots*, and the métro (subway). SFR is also using streetmarketing to promote its wireless company.

Large billboards in the halls and exits of the métro.

* A Bistrot (which apparently means "quick" in Russian) is the French equivalent to the English pub or the American diner.

Thanks to for some of these pictures.

You are invited to share your pictures of Têtes à claques paraphenalia on this blog. Please send your photos to

Stay tuned for the next post: Têtes à claques automobile, the car that is going around Gatineau, Quebec.


popcorn said...

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Franck Depierre said...

My god they killed the big mouth puppets by setting them in the smelly Metro !!!