Thursday, December 21, 2006

Instant Success

With all their loyal viewers têtes à claques has been pushing ads from great companies that can afford "pay per click". Their instant success took them by surprise and now companies are jumping on the opportunity to have their ads viewed by millions. Few weeks ago I was watching the weekly video and poof! There it was...a car ad for viewers to watch before the actual funny video. I guess having millions of clicks per day is not enough.

Since then, most share the opinion that they have gone too far and something that was first viewed as fun and innocent is now turning into a money making machine. I guess that's OK and will get used to it. However, the fact remains that this type of ads can generate a good amount of money but at the same time will create a downfall in the number of visitors. I guess one must know when to stop ...while you’re ahead of the game.

Check out the XMAS video!

Please feel free to add a comment. Soon I'll be posting a short survey on company logos!
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