Saturday, December 2, 2006

Most Hilarious Quebecer Site Ever Created..... 24 million Clicks in one day!

For all French people and the rest of the world. Check to see what 3 guys from Quebec, Canada, came up with. Videos to make you laugh you will cry! They are laughing all the way to the bank with all their viewers. A new video is created every week.

No wonder they are invited on all Quebec TV talk shows!

Check their healthy TEETH! and don't forget to view WillyWaller2006!

The site has obtained 24 000 000 visitors in one day! Check the stats with Alexa:

I could only dream of having so many visitors in a lifetime...well maybe one day!

Here's a link to another blog where tetesaclaques is the subject of discussion:


Anonymous said...

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SK said...

You took the time to check out my site, so i am returning the favor. Looks good over here! I'll bookmark you and keep checking back in. Good work!

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Jas said...

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Pat said...

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