Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ever wonder how those videos are made?

From Wikipedia Encyclopia, Têtes à Claques is a humour website created on August 16, 2006. Over one million short videos are watched per day, making the website one of the most popular in Quebec, Canada. The creator, Michel Beaudet, has expressed surprise at the popularity of his site, and has said it has reached a size he would never have dreamed of.

The characters are all sculpted from modelling clay, and are fairly simplistic. Michel Beaudet creates the figures himself, and superimposes his own moving eyes and mouth on their faces using a computer. This gives them their characteristically ugly appearance. In addition, Beaudet has a box of fake, grotesque teeth, which he puts in while his face is being filmed. The phrase tête à claquer translates loosely as "a face so ugly, you want to slap it" (i.e. "a face for slapping"). The site has also become very popular in France, not only because of the intentional humour and wit, but also because of a stereotypical Quebec French pronunciation, which can differ greatly from pronunciations used in France.

Possible release of these funny videos in English! We are so anxious!

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