Saturday, January 27, 2007 Blacklisted!

Here is a great remix with the song "You Make me Crazy" and Têtes à Claques' famous one liners being used in everyday situations by millions daily. Enjoy!
No doubt their success with the animated characters is stricking. However, since last December, thousands of students and employees cannot reach the most visited Quebec French-speaking site. Tetesaclaques madness reaches not only kids but it made its way to Quebec and Ontario French School Boards and the Federal Government. They decided to block access to the site, judging that certain remarks conveyed stereotypes that goes against values and educational mission. The school boards' prohibition also applies to the YouTube site which publishes millions of videos each day.

In addition, the Federal Government decided that this censorship would apply to all their personnel. It prevents employees to surf on that site during working hours. It apparently slows down productivity and networks!

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Patrick said...

I understand a bit their point of view if productivity is on the line but sometime we just need a few minutes to get our minds away from work in order to keep our good productivity and alot of people turn to humor. Humor is a good way to distract ourselves and feel good with ourselves and others. The H**L with them and keep trying!!!