Monday, April 30, 2007

Quebec Pluriel wants apologies

Quebec Pluriel, which recently asked for the removal of the clip entitled "the cannibal" on now requires public apologies to the Black community.

The organization alleges the clip feeds prejudices against the Blacks. It judges insulting, defamatory, disrespectful and racist the remarks and the representation which are conveyed in the clip. It is particularly offended by the association of cannibalism with the black community and Kunta Kinte which is the central character of the best of the novel Roots. Roots is a 1977 American television miniseries based on Alex Haley's work an afro-American writer.

Since April 18, Quebec Pluriel has asked Salambo Productions and Bell Canada to discontinue the transmission of this clip on support media, Internet and other media.

Are all French speaking canadians represented or tagged worldwide with the humor used by the silly characters? It is quite obvious that the French canadian community has accepted the humor used in all the clips to laugh at oneself. It is too idiotic to even imagine one would interpret it as reality! Then? Remove them all!

Têtes à Claques is a Canadian humour website.

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