Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Michel Beaudet in a boiling pot?

Here is Michel Beaudet's reaction to the demand letter* received on April 18, 2007, from Quebec Pluriel demanding to pull the short animated clip "cannibal" off the web.

Michel Beaudet, responded yesterday over the controversy that the clip “is insulting, degrading and inadmissible” during an interview with Le Journal de Montreal. “It is ridiculous and sad”.

For Quebec Pluriel, the insult comes from the association between the "cannibal" in the name of Kunta Kinté.

Reached yesterday, he defended there was no intention to cause harm to anyone. “It is absurd!”. He confirmes receiving the demand letter from Quebec Pluriel on April 18, but quickly admits to have put it aside.

"Paranoiac Vision"
“It is a paranoid vision of a small group of people which does not represent the majority”, Michel Beaudet adds, who acknowledges to have used the name Kunta Kinté without putting any thought in it. “Kunta Kinté, was the hero of Roots, a series which I listened to when I was seven or eight years old”.

The people in charge of the movement, which counts only 30 members, discuss the possibility of addressing the matter to the courts to claim moral and punitive damage.

*A demand letter is a formal notice demanding that the addressee perform a legal obligation, such as rectifying a problem, paying a sum of money or honouring a contractual commitment, on specific terms and within a specified time. The letter gives the recipient a chance to perform the obligation without being taken to court.


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