Monday, June 25, 2007

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day & Têtes à Claques

Happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste!

Every year, on the 24th of June, all Québécois get together with friends and family to celebrate the Fête Nationale (National Holiday); la Saint-Jean-Baptiste. It is a privileged moment to celebrate the cultural pride through colourful parades and lively parties marking the holiday. The traditional celebration is in honour of the Patron Saint of French Canadians, who was officially proclaimed as such by His Holiness Pope Pius X in 1908.

The success of Têtes à Claques has rapidly surpass Quebec borders.
While the nation is busy celebrating its rich heritage, Michel Beaudet is taking the time to travel across the Atlantic on a business trip (on flight DC 132?) to meet with the French Cousins. In France the site has reached close to 1 million visitors. That is just a small evident part of something larger to come. Psst.... there is more than 5 million bloggers in France(Technorati)! Above, is the latest clip about a couple traveling to France.

Did he forget his own?
Considering that timing is everything for the development of the multi-million $ machine that is, it is quite surprising that he has not taken the time to create a clip for this special Quebec occasion since clips have been created for X-Mas, New Years, Valentine's day, etc.

Perhaps next year!
Bonne Saint-Jean!

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