Monday, June 4, 2007

News everywhere! Têtes à claques this, TAC that.

So much one can hardly take it all in.

Where to Start? Have you ever had so much to tell that you couldn’t get it out fast enough. Well, there is a lot going on, for sure, with Têtes à claques / It's all happening too fast to keep up with the stories behind the scenes. So I'll point out a few interesting and recent facts that shouldn't slip by:

First, e-bay auction on Le Willi Waller potato peeler ended Monday: Total $3,550 CAN for the Sainte-Justine Hospital Foundation in Montreal, Canada. Not bad!

Great picture of Michel Beaudet taken at the Gala des Oliviers. Picture From 7jours.

Second, Congratulations to the proud owners David and Céline Sepulchre and their three children Jonathan, Perrick and Arnauld from Montreal, Canada. The family bought the Body Toner Platinum Edition for $8,600 CAN on e-bay. They admit that they would of never considered spending such an amount for a fly swatter if it wasn't for the Children Hospital Foundation.

Third, Analyze that!

Back in April 2007, I posted Têtes à Claques WIN the lottery! Offer 1M$. Hardly one month later, Adviso, a specialized firm in Internet strategy and marketing, estimated that is now worth no less than 12,000,000$. Here is how they came up with the figures. Estimating a 200,000$ profit per month multiplied by 12 months = 2,4 million/year plus the market value estimated up to 10 times the annual revenue!

Last but not least: Céline Dion lightens up and makes fun of the Halloween sketch from Têtes à claques. Her husband René Angélil and the croud enjoy every moment. Yes, it is in French! WOW, c'est pas BEAUTIFUL ça!


YUM2B said...

Céline you got talent! I mean you got mail! Ha, You got Tête what?

GinGin said...

Y'é beau ton blogue!

WonderWoman said...

You know what? I think with all the hard work that you are putting in on this you deserve lot more than just a few comments.

Thanks I like this one! It's clean and fun.

See ya later!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the T-Shirts. They are fantastic and good price...12.97$ Zellers, Aubainerie, Giant Tiger.

Good for the owner!

Anonymous said...

Me and my kids had the fruit drinks and enjoyed them all. I like the grape kind.