Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Vertigo Candies TV Commercials

View the 3 new 15 seconds English Vertigo clips... The Wood Peckers vs. The Croc, The Family Feud, and Los Tres Hombres Con Sombreros clips right here on

Têtes à Claques animation appears for the 2nd time in American and Canadian TV commercials and are selling once again Half Crazy Half Chocolate Vertigo Pops.

The first 3 clips were aired back in March 2007 with the intention of releasing 3 more. Well, here they are. These clips have also recently aired on YTV. Vertigo updated their site today with these 3 new clips which will be aired on Jungle Channel, Fiesta Channel, and Dysfunction TV.

Once again it's HILARIOUS!

It's totally insane!!!


Honey Cheerios said...

These are great candies!

Thanks for the new Vertigo videos.
Great blog.

Grosse pétate said...

Merci aunt Bev. Merci.

Nathalie said...

C'est l'halloween ! Nous voulons des Vertigo!

Je suis de la France et j'aime bien ton blogue! C'est trop chouette.


Anonymous said...

All 3 are great. I love the wood peckers and the sombreros.

Anonymous said...

wow this is incredible,i love your blog man. it's pretty are doing a fantastic