Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hot New Release DVD - October 23, 2007


Watch it on your TV! DVD Têtes à Claques Vol. 1

Over-the-top "must have" christmas gift item that consumers just won't do without! The box set stores the first 45 clips of the populare site (now up to 70) including Uncle Tom and his Willy Waller, Halloween, Raoul and the remainder of the gang. Exclusive new unreleased videos of Johnny Boy and Cécile, the history of Têtes à claques, character bios, and ENGLISH SUBTITLES, and many more goodies! THAT'S AMAZING!

The Têtes à claques DVD was developed for storing the collectible videos since clips will be selected and removed from the site. A maximum of 60 clips will remain at all time on the site, however, every time a new one will be added another one will be removed amongst the first 45 sketches created. The ones that significantly received less votes and have a low ranking in comparison to the others will be deleted.

The DVD is produced by Salambo Productions and is also available in France. The clips will be viewed on French pay television Canal+ in January 2008.

To Pre-order your copy click here:
Tetesaclaques Boutique

This will be the hot new item to make it home in Quebec for christmas. It's a relatively rare phenomenon when one item takes shoppers by storm, sending parents scurrying near and far to find a store that's not out of stock of that magical gift. Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids of 1984, Tickle Me Elmo in 1996 and the Furby animals of 1998?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, yes, yes..........given this by a Canadian friend and if you want to see the next comedy sensation, this is it! A total riot with English subtitles so you will get the joke.

A total comedy blast of fresh air.

DVD des tetes à claques said...

ostie de dvd poche qul criss je payerais pas 5 cennes