Friday, May 23, 2008 to launch English site !

Finally, the OFFICIAL SITE will be WWW.TAC.TV.

I have been "blogging" for this day to arrive for more than a year!


May 22, 2008 | By Matt Semansky, the French-language humour website created by former Publicis Montreal creative director Michel Beaudet, should have an English version to coincide with its two-year anniversary this August. consists of 100 short clips that combine animated clay figures and video skits created and voiced by Beaudet. The French site has enjoyed robust growth since launching two years ago; it gets about 1.2 million unique visitors per month, and its content is available on mobile phones in Quebec and France. The clips have also been compiled onto two DVD volumes.

According to Simon Parizeau, studio director for Beaudet’s Salambo Productions, the English site—which will be—will mainly feature adapted versions of previously produced clips at launch. He believes that the style of humour will translate well to English-speaking audiences.

“The important thing is to work with the English writers and get feedback,” said Parizeau. “But I think we have clips that can be very international.”

Catalina Briceno, head of operations for Salambo Productions, said that viewers connect to the material because its characters, while absurdly rendered with outsized eyes and facial features, strike a chord of familiarity.

“They can recognize some characters’ personalities from either themselves or people they know,” she said. “We’re taking those universal character traits so everyone feels they can engage with these characters.”

Parizeau believes that the level of engagement that fans have with is attractive to advertisers, as is its broad demographic appeal. “We skew younger, but it also works for families,” he said.

Salambo and the Olive Canada Network, which handles sales for and, are searching for advertisers to support the English version of the site. Bell Canada and General Motors are among the advertisers on the original French site.

Briceno said a variety of opportunities are available for advertisers, who can buy traditional leader board and big box space on the site as well as license characters for use in campaigns.

Originally published in Marketing Magazine, May 2008


krishna kashyap av said...

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Rénal le Cannibale said...

Le vidéo Kung fu des têtes à claques c'est trop la classe, la teuff. Votre site est super monsieur claques J'aime vraiment les vidéos drôle des Têtes à Claques, Cette humour québécois est super le fun. C'est trop fou les vidéos je me bidonne et je délire franchmenent Vive les tetesaclaques pour rire un bon coup. C'est trop de la bombe ce site d'humour québécois canadian.

Margaret Ubels-Rattray said...

These are wonderful clips. But I would really like some more of the Canadian french ones with English subtitles so I can show them to my junior classes. The love th ones that are there
I show the ones with french subtitles to my senior classes