Friday, August 22, 2008

Love it or Rate it - WWW.TAC.TV

Can you resist TAC.TV? The much-anticipated English version reached out to the English-speaking world a couple of days ago! You can now view 12 English adaptations of the most popular ones familiar in Quebec including the Frogs, Johnny boy phone conversation, the Vikings, and the Martians. It's totally insane!

Official site:

The characters will be voiced by actor Bruce Dinsmore (Quebec-based actor, originally from Vancouver, British Colombia) who acted in film, radio and television.

More than 520 million hits.
Since the launch of TAC exactly 2 years ago, mainly francophone viewers have visited the French version

So go ahead and find out what the heck makes the French go crazy with these short clips. Subscribe to the newsletter which will inform you when a new clip will be added every week and watch the latest TAC clip on your mobile phone a week in advance.

View the Ads that successfully aired in the US for Vertigo pops. You can also personalize your phone with video ringtones, caller ring tunes, ringtones and screensavers in the "Extras" tab.

Enjoy and share with your friends on Facebook either on your FunWall or simply create the Share Bookmarklet.

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