Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Refreshing pops and Têtes à


Monique, Raoul and the Captain of DC-132 are very excited to have their face put on soda pop bottles!

Fresh and Fun!

Couche-Tard, one of Canada's largest convenient store chains, Lassonde Inc, packagers of Oasis, Rougement and Everfresh, and Têtes à Claques partnered up for the production of Fruite-Bulles, fruit-flavoured drinks. The drinks are sold as of today in Couche-Tard corner stores and come in three flavours: orange, cream soda, and grape. It is the second business agreement with the company Lassonde from Québec (the 1st was a Fruité juice placed in one of the Tetesaclaques clips). The sequence of events was only logical to have the flight captain on the grape bottle since the popular clip included an incident with a grape juice from Lassonde. "There is no atomic bomb in the canisse".

Limited stock and edition:
Only available during the Summer 2007 - Total production of 600 000 bottles!

Business is booming indeed!

Kellogg has seen an increase in the sell of Pop-Tarts with the Halloween clip and will have a contest in June on the web site. The winner will receive a one-year supply.

How about T-SHIRTS? Zellers will have them in July!

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!

WOO! Very exciting news indeed!


Louise said...

When the site will be available with English version?

BeverlyHills said...

Thx for your comments:

English site will be available in Fall 2007. Can't wait!