Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hey mon ami!
View actual eBay bid information for Uncle Tom's Body Toner Special Edition! It’s Crazy! You want to change your body image! Are you on a diet ? HERE IS A DIET PLAN JUST FOR YOU! Lose lbs* • Feel More Attractive • Get More Energy • Get the Expert Tips on how to use the FLY SWATTER! This will definitely be in the Guiness World Records! We have the right plan for you. It's only 25,000$ maybe more. Only 4 days left to submit a bid!

To view the Body Toner Special Edition clip:

Isn't it amazing ? You think it will be a world record?


Corn Flake said...

Hey, tu as changé ton template du blogue...c'est bien comme ça!

BillyQueen said...

The "Swatter" is not even the same as in the video! Close but not enough! I'll go buy the same one at Zellers for 2$!

Monjotonjo said...

I don't know if I would trade my car for the body toner! It is for a good cause I must admit but can't afford it. I don't thinks the bank would loan me 25,000$ either for a fly swatter!

Love your blog.